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Did we really walk on the moon?
Some believe that we never really walked on the moon, what do you guys think?
It could have been like that movie Capricorn one a very successful staged event. people were so credible back then, witness Oron Welles's war of the Worlds broadcast. people fell for it.
I do not believe in this conspiracy, I think we have in fact walked on the moon, although I do think it is suspicious that we haven't done it in years.
Haha of course we did!

Ever heard of theflatearthsociety ?
Salvete, amici. Pax et bonum. Magister fori sum!
Never heard of it, what is it?
It's a society that has this conspiracy at its core. They believe the earth is flat, lol.
Salvete, amici. Pax et bonum. Magister fori sum!
(12-29-2010, 02:36 PM)Ari Wrote: Never heard of it, what is it?

I've actually posted a link to their FAQ's page... they truly believe the earth is flat and that satelite signals are really broadcast from flowers and other mediums.

Here's a wiki link to them also.

Of course I don't believe in this flat earth theory at all, but it is interesting to see how some people can be so genuinely misguided.

As for 'Did We Walk On The Moon?' I'm personally on the fence on that one.
Dude... These guys are hardcore believers.
Napman (Rob)
...Ask questions get answers...
Have you guys and gals heard of the hollow moon theory? In fact it is not a theory but rarely discussed. The point being this brought about many questions and great facts. Such as there are hole in the moon that we cant see the bottom. I have a friend and her Grand0Father worked for NASA and said there were Temples on the moon amongst various other structures such as pyramids. What do you all think?
(01-05-2011, 06:43 PM)Napman Wrote: Dude... These guys are hardcore believers.

lol, I ain't a 'dude' Napman, but, yes they are hard core believers. I suppose they're entitled to their beliefs, but it does seem rather a silly belief, considering what we know of the Universe; which is a lot!

billy, I've read, and heard of 'The Hollow Moon' theory, and there seems to be a lot of research into that theory that appears to have some substance to it, and some credible arguments for it... I'm on the fence on that one too. lol