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Can UFOs act as submarines also?
Do you think advanced flying devices could also be under the ocean, it would probably be easier to stay hidden from tracking and such.
I have heard of this near shoreline or large lakes in conjunction with UFO's. The technology behind this must be wild...
Napman (Rob)
...Ask questions get answers...
Maybe some of the deep-sea fish are in fact aliens.
Yes, indeed. A google search brought up 726,000 results, and it has been known, amongst researchers, for many decades that UFO sightings have been reported in, around, and underwater. Here are just a few links from the top of the first page... Smile

Good find Laurie, just goes to show you neither the sky nor the water is ours.
No, as I said, if we did but realise it Ari, the Universe and our planet is teeming with unseen life and life-forms. I found this, which I thought was quite interesting...

I've only quoted one case here, and some excerps from sightings that have been reported. But it's an extremely interesting site, with volumes of matetrial to read. One would need a rainy afternoon, and a window seat. Smile


ENCOUNTER IN THE GULFSTREAM by Neil Deane as told to George Earley
Some morning, I’ve forgotten which one, because I have long since lost the log book, I was rudely awakened in that dark, cold hour before dawn, realizing that my forward progress had stopped and that I was taking water. Great sheets of water flung over her forward deck, screaming down the sides of her cockpit foaming, some of it coming aboard. So in under shorts and barefoot, and the rest of me bare, I came suddenly awake, went into the cockpit and discovered she was dead on course, sails drawing. But she was not making any progress while over her forward deck was considerable depth of solid water and a great thrashing up ahead.

Looking in the direction of the thrashing, I perceived a great glow, like a big school of herring coming near the surface and disturbing luminous bacteria . . . only it was not the right Color. It was more deeply orange. In color it was like the annelids, which are common off Bermuda in certain seasons, but this was one continuous glow and not a collection of nickel-sized blobs of light. The glow seemed to come from a plateau of water, which was causing solid water to flow over my decks, hence impeding my forward progress.

So, thinking I had gone ashore, even though nothing was

grating under the keel, I charged up her auxiliary engine, slapped in reverse gear, and backed away. In a few yards astern I was in dead calm water so I took in her sails and when I was squared away with power-plant running nicely, I put her into forward gear and went back towards this plateau of glowing water and light...

On seeing this "windjammer" apparently bearing down on me, l had gone into reverse gear again, backing off once more into calm water . . . perhaps a hundred yards from the disturbance. Even as I realized my "windjammer" was something else, the splashing and sloshing of water stopped, and this vessel, or whatever it was, rose out of the water and the glow surrounding it subsided so that her running lights were much more highly visible. She had lifted off the water and was heading towards the now dimly visible continent of North America in a long, upward slant and going at what seemed to be a tremendous speed.

This reference (Original): BEYOND REALITY #18, January 1976, “Encounter in the Gulfstream” by Neil Deane as told to George Earley.

And, from the same link:


Terms used in relevant cases:

08-LL-1914 “then rose from the bay surface sucking with it a heavy upsurge of water”

08-27-1917 “it was as if the water was being drawn up to it”

02-??-1955 “a huge geyser of water”

09-24-1961 “a whirlpool of water rushing upward with a loud sucking and gurgling noise”

??-??-1964 “it was like a funnel sucking up water” “It brought the water up with it due to

the fact that it was whirling so fast”

08-??-1965 “ a gigantic pillar of water rose as the sphere emerged” “Collapsed – later”

03-26-1966 “greenish volume of light, water or vapor, extended from the underside of the

object down to the surface of the water”

08-04-1971 “Three vortexes came out from the sea and from inside them an object


07-??-1977 “could see the water of the lake surging upward” “as if being sucked into the


10-23-1978a Column of water “hovered 100 feet high by 15 feet wide before falling fanlike

into the sea”

07-17-1992 same as 10-23-1978a “sucking up a column of water almost as wide as the


Heres another very interesting link about underwater craft sightings...

Quote:South of Malta - 1947

In 1947, about 20 miles south of Malta, fishermen were at work raising and lowering their nets in hope of a big catch. Suddenly they saw an unusual object not too far from their boat. Frightened by the strange object, the fishermen quickly yanked their nets from the sea, fired up their boat, and put distance between themselves and the unknown craft.

Suddenly, a bright light lit up the area around the craft. Small beings could be seen running across the deck of the object. Visible to the fishermen was some type of apparatus around the waist of the beings.

Later after initial reports of the incident were revealed, one of the witnesses claimed that the beings were about the size of a 10-year-old boy. He could see them enter the craft, which soon submerged, never to be seen again.

I am divided on this one. I believe UFOs probably have the ability to function underwater, and I have read numerous reports of people seeing them enter and exit water, and also submarines tracking them underwater.

Even Christopher Columbus reportedly saw something like a USO and entered it in his logs just before spotting America.

However where I am divided is why would they want to? If it is to "hide" and they are able to whisk into open space, I am not sure why they would bother going under water. And from numerous reports (also from the one I saw with my own eyes), they don't seem to care much if we see them.

Of course they might have other reasons to go under water.

Definitely! If they can hover in the air, why not make it amphibious. There are birds that dive from the air deep into the water to catch prey and then go back into the sky. I'm surprised humans haven't created such a vehicle yet, lol!
Obsolutely!!! actually there are a lot of underwater sea bases..of Ufos..
You might want to read books of Richard Sauder, he is a researcher of underground bases... he will talk a lot about underground alien bases on ground and water..