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U.F.O. Bizarre clouds filmed over Moscow.

Wow, that is a beautiful site, it's a perfect circle!
I don't know about that video... Looks a little fake. It is hard to tell with the shakiness of the video. Could be just placed into a typical video shot.
Napman (Rob)
...Ask questions get answers...
Indeed this could be done by someone skilled in after effects, I wonder how many reports were submitted about this instance which might make it more believable.
Yes, I've seen that before, tho not on video, just a still. It's truly amazing. Don't know what to make of it, but I'm glad I've had a better view of it now. Of course, we've all seen faked or unexplained cloud formations on the net, and some are clearly hoaxed, as shown below, but whether this one is, or isn't genuine would take better skills than mine, as an Artist, to state an opinion on.

Here is a controversial one which I do believe is a fake, albeit a very clever fake, and another which is rather weird, which I can't make my mind up over.

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