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Who killed Kennedy (JFK)?
Any opinions?

I think there was more than one shooter.
I read a novel several years back which detailed what would have happened without a grassy knoll and lee harvey oswald. It went on that Vietnam was Kennedy's downfall and his lustre diminished, and that with JFK alive RFK never got out of his shadow. But it said that the deals that the Mob was making with RFK as attorney general for crime activities he was not respecting them so they would have shot him anyway. The mob was mad that the son of a bootlegger was pretending they didn't exist or have the power they did.
there could have been another shooter because it is a question how he could shoot that fast and accurate on a moving target if there wasn't more than one shooter then Lee Harvey Oswald must have had to be a skilled sniper marksman sharpshooter which is unlikely skilled. Jesse Ventura who had been a sniper in the marines tried to debunk it He couldn't do it that fast on a still target 3 shots in seven seconds is nearly impossible
I'm not sure myself but if i had to, i'd probably say it was multiple shooters. I'd just love to know what really happened
I believe it was a setup and Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill JFK. I believe it has been the mob, who helped Kennedy into office but got rejected afterwards and wouldn't take it anymore from him.
There are so many of these things that don't hold water and should be questioned. The thing is years later, the contrary evidence is so weak we are never likely to know the truth.
According to the Movie Salt, the Russians killed him.
(02-23-2011, 11:50 PM)aurareturn Wrote: According to the Movie Salt, the Russians killed him.

haha oh then it must be true!
I believe it has been the mob, who helped Kennedy into office but got rejected afterwards and wouldn't take it anymore from him.
Smile plzZZzz....(Usman Malik)…!!!
For so many years there was a Tight Cover up regarding the Kennedy treasonuous Assination.
The media was censored and reporters who tried to crack the kennedy Cover up were murdered by dark elements of the USA Government.
There were multiple shooters that targetted the president , Mr.Oswald was the "Fall guy" for the event.

One needs to see not who killed President JFK , but who " HAD THE MOST TO GAIN " with the elimination of John F Kennedy.


Kennedy insisted that the USA Soldiers come back from the Vietnam War.
The War meant Large Weapons Contracts$$$$$ for not only the Bankers of the Federal Reserve but also the Military Industrial Complex.

Suspect Number Two: The Federal Reserve Bank

John F Kennedy was getting ready to close down the Privately owned Federal Reserve Bank because it was unconstitutional. He was already Printing Legal Currency under the banner of the United States of America and not the Federal Express Bank which is Unconstitutional.

Suspect Number Three: The CIA

The CIA has done an incredible amount of wrong to the United States of America and it undermined the Credibility of the Republic, JFK was in the process of closing down this Abomination called the CIA.

Many Top Spooks within this murderous group wanted the President dead.
To this day the CIA still runs the CNN NEWS NETWORK & FOX NETWORKS as a Giant Psyop program to manipulate the American public view and to accept Tyranny & Socialism as a norm when it is clearly not a norm.

Also the CIA runs all Terrorist Networks throughout the world such as the Taliban & Al Qeada.
The very Terrorists that America wants to Fight against are under Uncle Sams PAYROLL.

So there were others involved and the List is long , like the Monarchy in the UK, the Vatican, the Rothschields & Rockerfellers etc.

So alot of Wealthy Lobbyists has alot to gain with the Murder of a Good Leader like John F Kennedy.
Todays youth needs to know the truth because they are destined to chaos if they do not understand the past.

Hit List : Who Killed Witnesses to The JFK Assassination
Sometimes Truth can be Stranger than Fiction, Together we will come to the Shocking Truth.