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Independence Day
I loved this movie even though it was corny in other places. I loved the look on the kids faces when they realized their dad had been telling the truth all along.
Will Smith can play it all, he does pick good sci-fi movies in my opinion.
He should have done the matrix they asked him first.
Agreed, although maybe it's best he didn't because I wouldnt change a thing, matrix was awesome with Reeves.
There wasn't much I didn't like about this movie when I came out. Even that momentous scene where they descended that laser to blow up the Capitol


lol, I don't think anyone believed they would do that.

This film broke so much ground on so many levels.

Colossal size of ships
"feel" of so many ships in the air at once
Rip roaring special effects...the explosions were just awesome
Will Smith...he's pretty much good in just about everything he does, right?

Epic final scedne, that guy flying up the Alien Ships's back wash and pulling the finger.

That made the movie!