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Would they fit in?
Would aliens fit in? Would we know them?
This is a tough question, if they fit in, we wouldn't really know right? Sometimes I do look at people and think they have to be from another planet.
There are many circumstances, depending on their intelligence and desire, that could help them fit in or make them stick out.
Humans can disguise themselves physically so why couldn't aliens?

I read a book years ago about how cows had this intelligence and one had surgery to make her look human and she rode in a car all day long trapping hitchhikers.
Ha a cow had surgery and then trapped hitch hikers? I believe in Aliens long before that. Sounds like an entertaining read though.
The book was freaky but totally engrossing. it tilts your reality hard.
The story of Under the Skin is that somewhere in some distant galaxy (or some nearby planet, who knows, it's never explained), live an alien race. All we learn is that this race looks pretty much like big wolves or dogs, that their planet sucks for all except some small rich elite and that they have to pay for water and oxygen.

The elite has found something new: vodsel meat. 10 grand for a vodsel steak, roughly the equivalent of one month's worth of water and oxygen to the average family. And what is vodsel meat? Of course, it's human meat.

However, in this book, these aliens call themselves "humans" and earthlings "vodsels". And they are highly superior (in their own view) and the vodsels are merely 'animals', okay to be eaten.
Ever seen the TV show V? It's a pretty good watch about this concept.
(12-25-2010, 10:30 PM)Ari Wrote: Sometimes I do look at people and think they have to be from another planet.

I'm in Vegas and saw this drunk guy doing backflips behind Caesars Palace. He was talking slurred etc. HAHA
Salvete, amici. Pax et bonum. Magister fori sum!
I have been meaning to see V! Ha as well as many other things, vegas is indeed full of crazy people... or aliens haha?
I could see them fitting in physically... Pull off some dead guys skin or what ever... lol. But I can't see them under standing customs or any social behavior unless they are immersed for years with us. I lived in Germany for 3/4 months years ago. Even after learning the basics it took me months to understand what was going on.
Napman (Rob)
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They would have to pretend they are something they are not in order to fit in. Someone from a different culture or country and is human has enough trouble fitting in simply at another location on Earth. How much more complex would the problems an alien race have to face?