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Bigfoot or Sasquatch as many Native Indians call these Hairy Hominids ( Primates ) have been engraved in the Native Indian Culture for Thousands of years, it is said that Bigfoot is Boss of the Forests and rightly so since these Creatures look like Bears from far away but Bears do not walk on two Legs.

Some of the other Names of these Animals are Jersy Devil, Genowswka, Chip tak co, etc and there is one thing all Native Indians have in common regarding this 800 Pound Beast, it is a Cannibal and it will Eat whatever it can find including Humans, unfortunately many Forest Rangers know about this truth but either haven't been briefed regarding this Primate or "Are in the Know!", but have been ordered to deny the existence of such a Blood thirsty Beast which lurks in National parks in North America.

The Fact is many people simply do not know that such a Terrifying Beast lives among them by nearby National Parks. These Animals are extremely smart and know that their Greatest Threat is a hunter with a Rifle so these Creatures do most of their Hunting in the Night and use Rivers and Creeks as a Roadway to cover up their Tracks from Hunters, they also drink lots of Water since they are in water anyway.

The Bigfoot Cover up has been going on for 70 Years and there is a concerted effort to deny all Grisly Attacks on Humans as Bear Attacks & many hunters know that many Bears simply will not attack humans unless they are theatened and even then they may bite a human but they do not eat Humans.

There have been many Covered up Reports of many Missing People all over National Parks in North America and these Reports are being collected but you cannot Access these Reports because there is once again a concerted Effort in NOT RELEASING MISSING PERSONS REPORTS FROM NATIONAL PARKS.

Here are the Facts:

(1) Many Children go missing at National Parks

(2) Many Women go missing at National Parks

(3) Many Men go missing at National Parks

(4) Elderly also go missing at National Parks

(5) Many of these cases go unreported and also get covered up.

So what in the hell is going on in our National Parks?.

You want to get the Facts, can you stomach the Facts , that is the Question.

Well here we go:

This is a Multi-level Feeding Frenzy, this is what is really going on.
Now who are the Beings Feeding on our Kids , Men and Women?.

We will start first with Bigfoot Facts so here they are:

(1) Bigfoot is a Big Preditor, it is not Friendly, it is incredibly Strong and can tear a Man apart with one tug of it's large Arms.

(2) Bigfoot has been known to abduct Native American Women to Rape in their Caves to produce Hybred Bigfoot, these Women would be traumatized for years and Raped repeatedly by these Beasts.

(3) Children are an Easy catch when Families go on Picnics , as a matter of fact Children are Bigfoots Food of choice and they snatch as many kids as they can to bring back to their Cave for a fresh Meal for themselves and their Family members, this frightening activity has been going on for thousands of years.

(4) Bigfoot is Bigger , Stronger, Faster, Smarter, Swifter and more stealth than any Hunter can ever be, if they see a Human they drop to the ground real fast and can hide their Massive Frame among the long Grass and crawl towards you to snatch you and take you away for their own sinister needs.

(5) Bigfoot doesn't like the taste of close so before they have their Dinner they like to take the close off their Victims before they take their Victims to their Caves to Eat them at Leisure, tearing them apart while the Victims are still alive , those in the know , know this but you being the Citizen is not supposed to know this most important information.

(6) Bigfoot is an Ancient Primate that came from an Ancient Landbridge that connected Asia to North America many thousands of years ago and is closely related to an Ancient Giant Ape called Gigantopithicus, when it came to north america it was so Big it had no Preditors to worry about except for the White Death ( Sabretooth Tiger or the Cave Bear) but even these Creatures were no match for this King Kong of the Pacific Northwest.

(7) Bigfoot's DNA is very compatible with Human DNA and that is why there has been mixing with it's Species and that of Humans, in Russia there was a Female Bigfoot that was captured by Russian Citizens named Zana and they broke her spirit and she became the Slave for the Russian People in Russia, some of the Men of the Village had Sex with her and this Female Bigfoot gave birth to Hybreds Humans , half primate , half Humans.
These Hybreds lived with the Village and did alot of the heavy work in the Village.

(8) The Bigfoot stinks very bad because of the Primate Glands in their Crotch and Arm Pits, they are Extremely Carnivorous therefore are not friendly to Humans, and often Eat Human Males as a form of Dominance against Human Males since Humans were primates before their Genes were spliced by the Annunaki long ago.

(9) Chimpanzee's also engage in this form of behaviour , they also hunt other Primates for Meat and often eat other monkeys.

So before you go to a National Park be Armed and be extremely aware of your surroundings since you could be on the Menu which can be a horrifying ordeal to get eaten alive by a Large Maneating Primate.

(10) Armed Soldiers are Terrified of these Animals because they have been known to take many bullets and still keep coming to tear Soldiers apart like Eggo Waffles.

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Sometimes Truth can be Stranger than Fiction, Together we will come to the Shocking Truth.