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Democratic Countries turning to FASCISM

The Bricks Alliance ( Russia , India , China ) are dumping the USA dollar as the World Reserve Currency.
They will create their own Legitimate Currency since the American Dollar is Worthless and not backed by anything tangible like GOLD.

To counter this the Satanic Cabal that is holding Democratic Countries Hostage are unleashing Ebola Biological Weapon & CIA Cells (ISIS Chechen Rebels) to attack Democratic Countries so that these Countries can take away more Liberties under the guise of False Security.

Last Year the English Cabal couldn't get their War with Syria because the people of the World said NO! in 2013, in 2014 the Cabal hired Mercenaries from Europe to cause trouble in Syria so that Turkey , Saudi Arabia & Isreal can take Syria for themselves.

The Media just keeps Lying & Lying.
If at first you don't succeed Lie & Lie again.

This whole thing with ISIS & Ebola is nothing more than a smoke screen for the New World Disorder and World take over, this madness will not stop with Syria it will continue to Iran , Russia , China , India until someone has the BALLS TO STOP THESE LUNATICS , that run the IMF & Federal Reserve Banks.

The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday October 24 2014: “Tosh” Plumlee, Dr Francis Boyle
Sometimes Truth can be Stranger than Fiction, Together we will come to the Shocking Truth.