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Contact: the Movie
Anyone see this? It's free on Netflix. It's pretty good.
Salvete, amici. Pax et bonum. Magister fori sum!
Woah just watched the trailer it looks awesome, I am definitely going to watch that.

Thanks for the recommendation.
where free I love that movie! I love that the James Woods character totally doctored the tape at the end. that more than anything else convinced me she really had that experience.
Just watched it per your recommendation, the ending was a little underwhelming but overall a decent film.
Did you guys ever read the book? Imagine this concept...the entire economy of the world ALL slaved to producing a single machine. This machine almost bankrupting the world...all for one joy ride.

I loved the read, you could really get lost into it's mechanics and explanations of the message. Movie wasn't too bad... was pretty cool seeing how HUGE the thing was with all the other buildings around it dwarfed. I think my favorite part was how, while they were deciphering the message all the components began to appear and they had bizarre appearances which they didn't know what to do with lol