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UFO Sighting and 911 Call

A friend of mine actually made this video and before he told me I thought it might be real, pretty amazing stuff.

Assuming that most members of this site are Alien believers what do you think of fake UFO videos are they a joke to you guys or are they not funny at all?

..How did he make the video? was it just the call that was fake?

I've actually seen similar lights like that in the sky in San Diego..I was told that they were just planes though..but they always seemed so low..
From what I am told by him, he filmed out of a car window, put the video in a computer editing program and recorded his both voices you hear.

The light were actually planes flying into LAX so what you saw in San Diego is in fact the same thing most likely.
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I would not call 911 about this. The authorities are the last place you are going to find a real sympathetic ear.
Besides Roswell, all ufos are fake.
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Thats a pretty bold statement to make I mean you wernt there to witness the sightings nor have any evidence to back it up. Although this video is fake I don't think either of us are in any position to judge pretty much all ufo sightings as a whole.