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Be aware of the EBOLA Biological Weapon that is being sprayed around certain spots around the World by secret agents. This Virus is Deadly and it is being sprayed by AGENTS of the NWo to create Fear around the World. There is no cure and it comes from African slums where it was developed by Bio-weapons Labs over there.
It has a 90% Kill Rate and Nations have no cure for this Developed Biological Weapon being given to the Global Population for Depopulation.
A Treasonous Act by the Ultra Wealthy.

The World Health Organization is a Cover for Infamy & Treason of Bio-Terrorism being waged against Humanity

Biological Weapons are Funded $$$ by Special Interest Groups that Lust for Power & Control of the Human Race. Biological Weapons are Real and there is nothing being done by Accident , these Deadly Diseases are being Engineered to Kill Untold Innocents by the Shadow Government.
You would call it the NSA.

Americans must know that The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is funding $$$ Biological Weapons Research for the purpose of killing 90% of the Global Population.
America truly is a Nation run by Murderers , Mafia's and Pirates , this Nation is a Threat to World Peace.

That is simply the Facts and OBAMA IS A DECIEVER & GLOBAL LIAR.
Do not believe a single word this man says.

Biological Weapons, Human Experimentation, and the CIA (Full Documentary)
Sometimes Truth can be Stranger than Fiction, Together we will come to the Shocking Truth.