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Listen to this Report which could change your Lives by Alaje an Extraterrestrial.

Greetings this is an Extraterrestrial from the Star System of the Pleades.There is a Spiritual Transformation which is occuring on Earth 2014 & beyond because Higher Energies of the Existence are being channelled to the Planet to lift the Planet to a Higher Level of Evolution.

Individuals who are touched by these Higher Energies of Love want to assist the planet in this process.During those twelve years I travelled with many of those Loving People to POWER SPOTS on Earth to channel higher vibrations of Love to clean the Earth from Negative Energies.

On November 2011 I Travelled with Loving People to the Island of Bimini in the Bermuda Tri-angle , Bimini was a part of ATLANTIS and close to it was the most Powerful Energy Center of Atlantis , it was the Energy Vortex of Atlantis.

Let me tell you the History of Atlantis and the Civilizations before Atlantis because the current Earth Civilizations of today have similar behaviours , in the Past Ten Million Years on Earth 8 Technically Advanced Civilizations have destroyed thermselves at the end because they abused technology and power, and did not live Spiritually or Responsibly there were civilizations of Humanoid and Non-humanoid Astronauts who came from other parts of the Universe to live on Earth.

Their Weapons were a thousand times more destructive than what the Earth People have today because they abused Cosmic Energy, this is not Science Fiction , this is Fact and is a Sad True History of Earth the Ancient Wars procduced a Strong Radio Activity which Mutated the Creatures of Earth that is how the Dinosaurs came to exist who were later killed by other Space Astronauts in order to rebuild a New Civilization.

This New Civilization used Weapons too and destroyed the Planet that used to be between Mars & Jupiter todays asteriod belt there is what is left of that Destroyed Planet about One Million Years Ago. After that other Space Travellers came and colonized the Earth, they built the Civilizations of Lemuria & Atlantis , the Earth back then looked different than today , Lemuria was a Continent in the Pacific Ocean , Atlantis was a Continent in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantians were more Advanced than todays Humans and they were using Giant Crystals which produced strong Cosmic Energy their Lifespans reached 1000 Years , they were able to communicate with Higher Dimensions and had the Ability of Time Travel.
The Continent of Atlantis had many Islands and they had many Atlantean Colonies on other parts of the Earth ,many Extraterrestrial Races lived there for Hundreds of Thousands of Years , Spiritually and in Harmony with Creation , their knowledge of the Cosmos was Growing and they learned to use Cosmic Energy & Technology.

About 700,000 years ago began the downfall of their Society because many developed EGO & ARROGANCE , THUS BELIEVING THAT THEY WERE GODS.
Most lost their Spirituality and used Cosmic Energy to Manipulate the thoughts of others and to make Genetic Manipulations with Humans & Animals, this resulted in the Ancients Stories of Mermaids & Cyclops & Sea Monsters.

The Atlantians were obsessed with Power & Technology and started Wars against the Lemurians because they saw the Planet as their own Property $$$ , they abused their Power Weapons and Crystals very Strongly and 12,000 years ago they destroyed the entire Continent of Atlantis in WARS ,the energy of their Weapons pulversized all of Atlantis so today there is not much left of Atlantis , some Spiritual Atlantians were able to flee before the disaster with their Spaceships , this desaster caused a Pole shift and a Great Flood that you know of today, years later Atlantians and other Extraterrestrials came back to other parts of the Earth where they passed their knowledge to others, this is the reason while after the Global Disaster other cultures ,like Egypt & Greece had sudden knowledge of Astronomy , Mathematics , Medicine & Architecture.

The Atlantians used their Technology of Levitation to build Pyramids in many places of this planet, this abuse of power , energy and weapons happened at the end of the Atlantian Civilization is happening today again on a smaller scale between Global Governments like the UK , USA , Russia ,Saudi Arabia & Isreal, even today their are people in power who want to control everything with Weapons , Wars , Religions , Drugs , Genetic & Mental Manipulation , & Greed & Exploitation of Earth and it's Resources , the Rulers on Earth Spend Trillions $$$$$ of Dollars on Weapons & Drugs rather than helping the entire Planet in becoming a place of Harmony where nobody has to starve or be killed in Wars, this happens because most Earth Humans have still not learned to live in Harmony with Light & Love.

Most Earth People Laugh & Joke about Light & Love and would rather Worship Ego , Arrogance , Greed & Hatred , such decisions leads to self destruction , this has happened many times in our Civilizations , only when Earth Humans learn to Live with Spiritual Light & Love you will Live a Happy Light filled Life without suffering like in other Good Planets that you know in your Heart Exist out there among the Stars.

Part 17-Pleiadian Alaje-Lightwork-Atlantis Bimini-Spanish Sub


Unsealed Conspiracy Files Secret Alien Attack
Sometimes Truth can be Stranger than Fiction, Together we will come to the Shocking Truth.