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tapped and blocked
I've become a target for a group of people. I do not who they are but I can say that these people are organised and with a lot of abilities with tech and have reaches into gov. sec. They also have a lot of money and they have been able to hold me a virtual cyber prisoner. They have been a threat to me and my family physically, financially, and emotionally they have acted out criminally. Now my e-mail has been blocked to me because of another attempt to scam and throw dirt on me using the cyber space connection, my phone, and a lot of dirty working take overs. I've been a virtual prisoner for over 15 yrs whining to those control freaks in my life who have no sympathetic ear. I am being left with no choice but to become desperate on the streets on the run and becoming an out law to do what ever it takes to survive and get away from and become hidden from these organized criminals. Who ever these people are they isolate, plant stuff on you, take over, and they are very good at what they do as well as dirty as can be like a personal attack. After all I have gone through to get on line and try to gain freedom and friends these people have still managed to block and destroy a step a head. I don't have the money it would take to protect against these unknown cowardly enemies trying to strike me from behind. All I can do is wish for their death and demise. If the big one does hit somewhere I hope is with these people and their organization and they fall into a bottomless pit where they can no longer bother people they are trying to shut up.