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Improve Work Productivity through NEBOSH Courses
NEBOSH or national examination board in occupational health and safety is an independent examination board based in UK. It develops syllabus for the qualifications and conducts examinations of many courses in the field of health and safety. NEBOSH offers qualifications from introductory level to professional level. There are three categories of NEBOSH qualification – awards, certificate and diploma. NEBOSH’s health and safety at work is an award. There are many national and international level certificates such as national certificate in construction, health and safety, fire safety and risk management and environment management. There are also national certificate in the management of health and well-being at work and national general certificate in occupational safety and health. International certificate in construction, health and safety is yet another course in demand. International technical certificate in oil and gas operational safety is an important course in the field of natural gas. There are also diplomas such as national and international diploma in occupational health and safety. Diploma in environment management provides skills on the issues incurring to the environment due to work activities. NEBOSH has four international qualifications, it is recognised in various parts of the world. Many of the NEBOSH examinations are conducted in countries outside UK because of its increasing popularity. nebosh courses are available in centres accredited by NEBOSH, there are many such centres in various countries. There are courses for all the aspects and attributes of safety, NEBOSH has consolidated the safety factors within organisations.