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Hello! I think it will be more exciting if we will put more sections here, what do you think?
I definitely plan to add more sections as the community grows, as of now since the community is still small I am keeping the amount of sections to a minimum, feel free however to suggest section names if you have any ideas.

I am kind of hijacking this thread, but I personally dislike the fact that "subscribe" is the standard option and I would like to know whether other people agree ^^
You can disable this in the User CP settings and there was an option apon registration to have it disabled. I apologize if the subscription emails annoyed you, I kinda did this since the forum is so new, to get returning visitors... Once it grows I plan to not have this be the default option.
You don't have to apologise of course. I am sorry if I sounded rude.
It was my fault obviously for not reacting as fast as I should.
Not rude at all sir, thank you for the suggestion!
I would like to suggest a Science & Astronomy forum. I think it would fit in very nicely on this board. Smile
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