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Regarding Abductions
No worries. I believe you. Everyone is at one point is taken. It does not matter where you live; or what you're doing. You will be taken against your will. When you are returned, you will have forgotten most, if not all of the experience, and you move on with your life.

Only the lucky few will remember. Everyone gets abducted; literately everyone on Earth. Technologies these beings use, is time referenced.

The human brain cannot comprehend time reference; thus causing the experience to be quickly forgotten and perhaps recalled later. Whether if its in dreams or by actions, it is all up to the person to willfully remember.

The main reason for such abductions, is because they're looking for someone. It takes a very long time to go through the population on Earth. Other reasons are varied per person taken.

You have to remember; everyone at one point were dead. We were dead before we were born and we will die sometimes in life. Our lives are minute compared to the age of the universe.

Without a doubt; there are things out there which we cannot comprehend as it's so far beyond. I have noticed a rash increase of such things; perhaps it's getting closer to our true destiny.

- I am Wiccan Druid - A guide from another world; hosting a human body. Do not fear; these things must take place.

Thank you for reading.
Believe it or not.
LOL ok then. I especially like

Quote:Only the lucky few will remember. Everyone gets abducted; literately everyone on Earth. Technologies these beings use, is time referenced.
WiccanDruid, we are all, each and every one of us, 'hosting a human body.' I too believe that most of the worlds population is, or has been/being 'taken.' I also believe that we are 'At War' with at least one other (possibly more) alien species from our universe, or maybe beyond; and the prize is Earth.

I don't, however, believe that these abductions are due to a search for any particular 'someone.' It's my belief that we are being 'genetically enhanced' for the betterment of mankind, and the the souls progression spiritually. I'm not talking religion here...

We have entered into a new era... a time for conscious development, and mankind's evolution will, must be raised to a more cosmic level of understanding, compassion, and spiritual growth. The 'Elite' who rule us all will, naturally, be against any such move that is bound to stunt their grasping greed, and their stranglehold control of humankind.

Just some thoughts...
I believe it has to do with the survival of all animals and things on this planet. All species needs new material or new blood in order to survive in the long run if you do not its like incest. People think that when you say incest your talking about immediate family of a species, but if a species does not get new blood it in the long run has the same effects as inbreeding. For example if Hitler had won the war or any leader had taken over the world and a certain characteristic becomes favored the human kind would of gone extinct. North Korea and South Korea if they continue to be closed off in the long run will become extinct. Farm animals left in cages or cut off from new blood its the same incest outcome is abnormalities to being susceptible to diseases. Re-introducing new material to the DNA is important to survival of a species.Cool If what is talked about is true they are using women as host for carrying a fetus and than having it removed. Even if is artificial inseminated the out comes not possibly expect is a females ability to be a chimera and absorb the males DNA into their own bodies and passing along that DNA. imp we have been receiving new DNA and passing it along to our children through these helping another species imp. On a side note I never really made this connection until now, but I have through the years had some people claiming to be my sons in the past. I had thought they were trying to pull a scam and free load on my employer because they order things and I thought they would try and get me to pay walking off. This has happen and both my jobs once in the 90's and once in 2004. Now I'm made to reflect on it and maybe they weren't trying to pull anything on me because they never did and in fact acted hurt come to think of it.
(08-20-2014, 08:06 AM)thevoid Wrote: I was hoping more people would be here to discuss this topic. I've questions to asks others with similar experiences. Like once I hit adult hood I started to experience problems with period disappearing for months and gaining weight than losing it really fast. Like what diet did you go on. Doctors said hormones. I recently in the past 10 yrs had it where I went for 6 months and have one and the weight issue. Never connected the dots because the periods were not like after giving birth for a full month. It could be a hormone issue which means i am very unbalanced. I didn't have a period since Jan. 2014 and I just started again. I'm 45. Pre-menopause has symptoms and I don't have those symptoms.

Well, I can't give you any advice regarding the menopause problems, I'm a fair bit younger than you; however, your period symptoms (gaining weight, losing weight) does sound typical of some of the problems complained of by abductees. I do believe that some women (my mother is a doctor, so I can ask her if you like...) can start menopause from their early forties, and some even younger. But I don't know what the symptoms are.

I would suggest that you do some research on abductees; but first, mention these problems to your physician; also, I don't know if you are in the states or Europe... Some european women can start the menopause early, much earlier than your age even. I just don't think, from what you say, that you can attribute your symptoms to that tho.

In any event, it's not really a topic of discussion that I would imagine you care to discuss in a public forum; unless of course, the problem is alien abductee related. You can pm me if you care to, or email me; my email addy is in my profile. Smile
Actually you will be surprised what I will show and talk about publicly. Big Grin Not long ago I was walking outside in the nude in broad day light. LOL! I'm a naturalist.