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ufos sighting
Hello i came to this site because i needed the need to tell anyone that would listen to me about what i saw.11/27/12 it was a clear night the moon was almost full not a good night for looking at the stars for all the lights from the city of Miami where i live.I decided to look up anyway to see if I would see a satellite pass by as i do sometimes.not even a minute passed as i was looking up i saw coming from north to south two orange lights at a very high rate of speed amd at a very high altitude i thought to myself this is no satellite nor meteor two orange lights side by side going very fast whithing a period of abot 5 to 6 seconds disapeared into the south i stood up and could not belive what i was looking like out of a science fiction movie.Well that got me interested in looking up a lot more and today 11/29/12 i saw what looked to be a satellite only brighter and much faster to my surprise this thhing suddenly stoped and made a 90 degrees turn tho the right and took off at the same speed it stoped againg and came back thats when i ran to get my wife so she could witness the samething but when we came out could not see the object again.tHE REASON im writing this is to find answers if any as this incidents have made me into a believer of something from out of this world.
Tulipan I have heard of several similar sightings and I myself saw something similar in Roswell, I wish I had more answers for you, if you see anything else please update us!

Also remember to try and grab footage with your phone.
(12-01-2012, 03:55 AM)Ari Wrote: I myself saw something similar in Roswell

Could you say a little more about what happened with you Ari? My boyfriend also has seen UFOs in New Mexico and I am interested if it matches the same physical description. Can you describe what you saw?
Hey Nicoco more info on my sighting in my introduction thread here,

thanks for your interest.