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Kerrville Texas sept 12 and sept 20
oh forget it.. ignore me, im glad you listened to me
ok this may be all in my mind..

i was just telling you what i saw, i will be quiet
sorry i was a bit 'wtf' thats why i found you guys

i will be here with you guys
(09-25-2012, 09:58 PM)DietCoke Wrote: You may think this is all bs..

what are your thoughts on a new weapon?

A new weapon? I'm a bit confused here. Are you talking about your need to watch violent movies, or listen to violent music when you are afraid?

I'm just wondering, DC, how this helps you? I would have thought that you might look for aa rather more sedate pursuit after your sightings, which obviously disturbned you greatly.

If you're talking about a weapon to deter these UFO's, I don't think that we have the technology just yet, to repel them.

new weapons? i did dodge them ... they did have a blue light, i went inside and closed the blindes
Now its personal

I have everything backed up

we were making a small fire in the backyard, and i went to get another beer.. everything was ripped out, where you connect the speakers to the bass was just wires, stripped

im just going to stay calm, pretend it didnt happen.. becouse my friend has all my logs in spain


I refuse to be a victem
Violent movies: .. no I didn't know if that would work, it was something i remembered,
I panicked and i had no weapons, so go for it
What happened DietCoke? Did you have another sighting? Why is it personal now?
DietCoke I am not sure what you are experiencing try to remain calm and explain to us what happened so we can do our best to help you!
Chris... I'm thinking that you are just a little bit uncomfortable about posting of your sighting, or perhaps are not sure what it is that we would like to know, and what is anticipated, from a report, by forum members. Certainly you appear to have been overwhelmed by your experiences from these sightings, and that's perfectly understandable.

With this in mind, I thought that I would just comment briefly on a sighting that I had recently, when I was out shopping with my Uncle. In no way do I wish to hi-jack your thread; but just to give you an idea of what to say about your sighting, and perhaps give you some guidelines to watch out for the next time that you see something of this nature. Smile

Whilst out shopping over the weekend (actually this was last weekend); there were just the two of us, my Uncle and I; oh, and one of my dogs. We'd just exited the store, and were at the car loading it up with our shopping.

Because I don't allow smoking in my car, my Uncle stayed by the trunk and lit a cigarette. I'd gone to sit in the car. He called me back out however, to point out something that he'd seen whilst smoking, and contemplating a rather cloudy, and dismal day; altho it was not raining by any means.

As I looked toward where he was pointing, e saw two very dark spherical objects (quite small) 'playing in the clouds.' Yes, I know that sounds weird, but really, they were. They seemed to be circling around one particular cloud, and ducking and diving into and out of it, appearing sometimes lower than the point where they went into the cloud, and sometimes appearing higher than their entry point.

The distance didn't look too far, and being wildlife enthusiasts, both of us, altho the objects were rather small, we knew without a doubt that they weren't Birds. Unfortunately, we could only watch in wonder for about five minutes, because we had, by that time, a deadline to meet elsewhere.

There were other people around, either parking, or loading their vehicles, but no-one else seemed to notice these objects, as far as we could ascertain. We did not point them out to anyone else, I guess, basically, because there were no shoppers close to us and my car.

If you could give us a rather more detailed description of what you saw, and the conditions that the sightings occured under, it would help us to help you perhaps, to understand what it was, precisely, that you saw. Smile
Your right i was overwhelmed, even histarical

i was grasping for answers, thank you for your patience

thank you for your kind guidence