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Hello again...
I joined this site a while back… around the beginning of the year I believe. I felt that it looked promising for me personally, at least initially; mainly because I had been disappointed in other sites with a similar topic up for debate.

I had a lot of researched on UFO's and other paranormal area's stored in my own persona files and folders, and was eager to share it with others who were/are interested in the topic.

However, there came a time when I had worked halfway thro the night, researching for a particular topic that had been opened up on the UFO phenomenon here; only to have a couple of members use my thread as a chat room, discussing totally unrelated themes to the original post. And their ‘chitchat was not even remotely connected to what I’d posted in the OP.

It was infuriating, and a shame, because it looked like the forum was just getting started, and was beginning to benefit from new members trickling in, and signing up. There were already a couple of excellent members here, along with Ari, the admin. Hello Ari...

Is it worth coming back, and trying again; or would I be wasting my time? I really, really do want to find a site that I can feel happy in, and comfortable posting at. I have a lot to share… some of my research may be a bit dated, a year maybe. Some older, but all of it is valid, and all of it pertains to the themes here.
Laurie welcome back, I wish we were all more active for you and I am sorry for the problems you had! Appreciate your support!

wow.. thats why i joined too. Welcome to the family.