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Which Antivirus is better?
I was thinking and wondering which antivirus is better for trojan and worm virus and is more usable in removing viruses on the pc.

Any good suggestion? I have Nod32 but seemed not too effective..
From what I have read Nod32 is in fact one of the better antiviruses, I personally use free ones to save money, either Microsoft security essentials, or AVG Free. If nod32 isnt being effective for you, you might want to try some antispyware tools.

I like to run these for spyware/malware.

Spybot Search & Destroy
I think I will try AVG for the mean time, I am fond of downloading movies and songs thats why viruses enter my pc a lot of times.. thanks!
I will have to agree that Nod32 is a good antivirus. Just check if you have updated your antivirus so u can use it better.
Norton and i can't stand that one that looks like abc or whatever.
Get Ubuntu Linux. No AV needed. Big Grin
Salvete, amici. Pax et bonum. Magister fori sum!
V, do you use ubuntu, I have my system dual booting with it and it is fantastic!

Only thing I still switch to windows for is video editing and dreamweaver.
I actually know someone who uses AVG also, and I've scoffed at him for over 3 years, and teased him about it. I have to admit tho, that he's never had any problems with it, or his comp, so go figure... lol.

Personally I've used Norton, BitDefender and Mcafee. Had no trouble with any of them, but I liked the scan system set-up with Norton, more than any of them. But, then I'm a dumb brunette, and Norton was so easy to use, especially if one is not computer savvy, like me. Rolleyes
I use SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes. I've had viruses get by both of them though and get into my rootkit somehow. I used a special program to take care of that, TLDS Killer or something of the sort, I forget now.
I have heard Emtricitabine is effective, however in some cases it is better to use Delavirdine or even Valaciclovir. Hope this helps! =^..^-