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Familiar with the Fourth Kind?
Hey guys have you watched the movie "The Fourth Kind"?, Its a true story according to the Director, and they have real videos of what really happened. In that movie, they are both dreaming of the same dream but something they dont know..when they are trying to discover it, the man seemed to be possessed! then the woman in her own house with her two children, experienced something she cant explain, and as a cop standing in the woman's house, with a video recorder on his car, saw something above the house, it was shown in the real footage, a big flying object, having like a laser beam on the roof of the house. And the woman said that unexplained thing took her daughter with that you think its true?
I started watching it and had to turn it off haha it was to scary for me. I believe the writers of that movie actually admitted that it was not true and that they claimed it was true for a viral marketing campaign to get people to see the movie.
Well I am confused because the two characters were seemed to be possessed right? then on the video footage there's a big "spaceship-like" stopped above the house. Are they trying to tell us that the people there are being possessed by aliens? Is that possible? hahah.
I have watched it too. It was scary, there are three things i was thinking that time, if it was really an alien? are they really being possessed by those being? or is the woman just mentally ill?
People can be possessed by other beings - even if they're not alien's (such as you know).

There are many different frequencies & planes of existence (and the most familiar one we know of is the astral plane) and those beings that dwell there may like to have an actual physical body (or just like to scare people). IMO

I don't know if that movie was true or not - but possessions are and have been happening for thousands of years. Most people who are possessed are generally normal and did not have a previous history of mental illness. This is not to say that others with a mental illness cannot be possessed.
Good point silver mystic, I have never known anyone myself to be possessed but there are to many stories about it for it to be fiction as a whole I agree that people throughout history have suffered from some sort of take over. Do you have links to specifically interesting cases you know about?
I thought it was a mixture of "the Mothman Prophecies" & "the Exorcist". That woman they were interviewing looked like hell. Great dramatic effect... I have yet to see in real life someone who says they are possessed by something, except for tv which can be edited heavily. But I have seen someone who has schizophrenia, after years of heavy heavy drug use. He would seem fine one minute talking calmly about not sleeping for days after a binder. Then a minute later you saw a physical change of his face and he said the voices were back. It creeped the hell out of me, but I was amazed how the mind does this to a person. I can see and have witnessed physics being overwhelmed by emotion either from an entity or by what is left over from an event. That being said it would be very hard for the observer to understand what is happening to this person because the observer is not feeling it.
Napman (Rob)
...Ask questions get answers...
I saw the movie recently and was questioning the footage from the get-go. I didn't find it to be too scary but the ideas behind it could be I guess a little disturbing. The scariest part of the movie was definitely the guy going crazy in his house and killing his wife and his kids. It made it scarier since it was "actual footage". After watching the movie, I searched a little bit and found out it was fake. The main character isn't a real person, there were many flaws regarding the language the aliens supposedly spoke, and it was very convenient that the videos would get fuzzy at the good parts because the aliens would interfere so we couldn't see what happened. Well, why would the aliens interfere with the video, seconds after showing a huge ass giant saucer.

Which brings to me to this, if there was really footage of a giant saucer from a cops camera about to abduct something, then I'm sure we would have heard about it on the news before this movie came out.

Fake, fake, fake. But still an interesting movie.