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UFO Frightens Family in Car.

What does everyone think about this?
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I find it much more likely an alien would approach a human alone.
I don't know, maybe it would be scared to approach someone alone.
I call fake as well...
Napman (Rob)
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In my view this looks more like a search light from a news/police/military chopper obscured by clouds,low light conditions. and weather
Possibly but why was the family so scared?
Well, if they were close to an airport it could have been the afterburners of a Jet taking off, altho personally it looked rather too close for comfort. I can see the possibility, even if remote, of a News, or Police craft searchlight shining on them, but I doubt very much that the military would be shining a searchlight into their car.

The other point is that there was a distinct sound of a heavy engine noise around two thirds of the way thro the video (besides the silly histrionic screaming and the car engine noise), and this would suggest an aircraft of some type. But again, as I said, it seems so close; how would a civilian car be able to get so close to a terrestrial craft taking off?

Its an interesting video, but I'm not convinced that it was an extraterrestrial craft searchlight. Just thinking aloud here... Undecided
I agree with the general consensus. Although it would be insane if it weren't I think it fake due to multiple factors, one of which being how the light's origin is hidden. I'm quite sure all the light would have to converge on a relative starting point. The fact that it's hidden gives voice to major doubt.