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Are Dreams for Real?
When I was young, elder people in our provice often say that if you dreamed that your teeth has been removed, that means your relative or someone in your family will die. One night, as I was sleeping I dreamed that one of my teeth on the lower part, was removed! The moment I woke up I began to cry but I can't tell it to anyone, I just prayed coz I'm so scared that time. I observed for several days and weeks, but nothing happened! So glad no one died..

Do you think dreams are for real?
I personally think dreams do have a meaning however I have yet to determine what they mean. I don't know if they send you a message of some kind, predict the future...
I think so, also others say that you normally got bad dreams when you are pressured, stressed and very tired. And I think it's true coz A lot of times that I sleep from a stressful day, I always dream of vampires chasing me around, I am running so fast, jumping from 1 tree to another, 1 roof to another..
well I also have bad dreams if i sleep after eating and after a tiring working day. But I think there are some dreams that are really have meanings, As I recall on thousands years ago, dreams are being interpreted.
Some dreams are real - they are all messages of a sort. Dreams have different messages for everyone and can be interpreted specifically for what is going on in your life.

You dream to me sounds like you either have an underlying health issue - or that you have problems communicating (thus the phrase "like pulling teeth") (you may be being stubborn about an issue and won't relent or compromise) - there are many interpretations and you may need to also see what else is in your dream in order to figure out what it means.

And as menk stated - eating right before you sleep can cause nightmares. You need to have at least a 3 hour gap between eating and going to sleep.

Dreams are very complex and there is more to them than this.

Hope this helps!

SMB Smile
I'm learning a lot from your posts silver mystic, I definitely need stop eating before bed, I hate nightmares even if they mean something.
I think dreams are real but are a mixture of information so it might be taken in a different context. A way for the mind to reboot or defragment and store information. I know this can be affected by medication or medical problem. I once had a asthma attack and when I got to the hospital they gave me a high dose of a oral corticosteroid initially. It fixed the problem but the dreams afterward were very vivid and worse then any horror movie that would happen daily. This was compounded by other side effects of the medication such as insomnia, nervousness.
A dream is not something real. While it might mirror a feeling or event that has happened in real life, you cannot perceive the future based on dreams.
Boring outlook californiaufo
And untrue also CaliforniaUFO.

I certainly have had prophetic dreams my entire life. They don't pertain to world events but my own life so I don't expect you to believe me.

The most vivid one that stuck out was:

A house with a green tin roof, an outhouse and a deformed cut tree in the back yard. I dreamed of this house for four years in a row. The fifth year we moved into this house without me ever setting eyes on it before. The dream stopped after that.