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Hello all! Smile

Guess I will just post my profile info here Smile... since that's pretty much there is to tell about me.

I am a Medium/experiencer/contactee (ce-5) who has had contact with extraterrestrial/multidimensional/Spiritual beings since 8 years old. I am a former paranormal investigator and I have researched the paranormal since childhood. My families (Both my adoptive and birth family) have a history of contact with spirits and extraterrestrial beings, with my adoptive family having actual ce-5 type contact before I was even adopted. My step dad from my birth families side, is an avid UFO researcher, I am also a starseed and run a popular social networking site for other starseeds and contactees.

I got an invite here through twitter not sure when though cause sometimes I go with out checking for a while. Well here I am and a hello to you all.
You can not become what you already are ( A Divine Being) but you can be the expression of it by being heart centered. -My E.T Contact

Yshatar Xzatara [Ce-5 Contactee]
Welcome! Thanks for joining our humble community!
Hey Hey Ysha!

Good to see you here Smile