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Turkey Mass Sighting 2007 to 2010
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The following sightings are important for many reasons. There are dozens of witnesses over three seperate years that observed various metallic discs hovering over the sea in front of a populated area, which included many minutes of close range video. A serious attempt to debunk the video was attempted by several well known special effects experts. So far nobody has been able to demonstrate that the video recordings are product of tricks or some type of manipulation.

Case Overview:
This case developed in the location of Kumburgaz, Turkey between the years 2007, 2008, and 2009 and is still ongoing currently. The video was taken by a security guard at the Yeni Kent Compound which is located along the coast of Istanbul. One singularity of this case was that the images were made with a camera that had an adaptor for close ups of 200X optical, achieving a great amount of detail of the objects. During this period several minutes of close range video were taken of metallic ufos floating or changing while in flight over the sea coast of Marmara. They appeared as and outline of glowing orange ovals as well as the classic disc shape. Many special effects and imaging experts have tried to debunk the footage including: Prof. José Atenas, an expert in graphics and video, with more than 30 years of experience on television, Prof. phD. Zeki EKER Director National Council For The Study Of Science And Technology and National Observatory, and Mario Valdes from Santiago Chile. Other analysis were done by video specialists, image edition and special effect companies from Japan, Russia and Turkey, all ending up with the same conclusions. They could not find evidence of a hoax and all of them determined that what is being filmed was not a product of a balloon, prop, model, or special effects.

Short Documentary Video Explanation - 15 Minutes Long

The National Council For The Study Of Science And Technology (sponsored by the government) and National Observatory (TUG) got interested in analyzing the original footage, with the intention of determining that the video was nothing more than a hoax, gambling on the idea of scale models or toys, or CGI. The original tape was handed to the TUBITAK representatives on live TV in their own headquarters. Once the analysis concluded, they released a report issued in the form of a press release that was covered widely in Turkey however barely mentioned in the western news media. : - "The objects observed on the images have a structure made of a specific material and definitely itís no any kind of CGI animation or in any means a type of special effects used for simulation in a studio or for video effects. So the conclusion of this report is that the observations are not a model, maquette or a fraud". At the last part of the report, it’s concluded that the objects observed have a physical structure and are made of materials that do not belong to any category (airplanes, helicopters, meteors, Venus, Mars, Satellites, artificial lights, Chinese lanterns, etc.) and that it mostly fits in the category of UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects and of unknown origin)."

Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center
At first, the videos were analyzed and made public by the SIRIUS UFO organization, directed by the researcher Haktan Akdogan. Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center firstly, spoke with all the witnesses separately then did the detailed analysis of the full footage of 2 hours 30 mn. long with the participation of the members of a science board. They enlarged the video images, did all the detailed analysis, checked their pixels, and went through the all footage frame by frame. After doing all the necessary analysis which went on for several weeks. SIRIUS released the following statement:

Haktan Akdagan, SIRIUS Space Research:--"the objects sighted in the aforementioned footage that have a structure that is mad e of specific material are definitely not made up by any kind of computer animation nor are they any form of special effects used for simulation in a studio or for a video effect therefore in conclusion it was decided that the sightings were neither a mock up or hoax. And it is concluded that these objects in the sightings that have physical and material structures do not belong in any category such as; planes, helicopters, meteors, Venus, Mars, satellites, fire balls, Chinese lantern, fire balls, weather balloons, natural or atmospheric phenomenon. etc. and but rather fall into the category of UFO’s. The incident went on several times intermittently before the very eyes of the residents of "Yeni Kent Compound", filmed by a night guard named Yalcin Yalman. The detailed analysis of a certain portion of these extraordinary videos showed that three different objects were captured at the same time."

Camera Specifications
The camera was based on the NTSC System with a diaphragm set at the maximum of 1.8. Canon DM-GRI-A. It's a 3CCD 20x optic 100x with a tele-converter mounted on a 58mm adapter. Tele-objective is a Sony brand vci hgd 1758 model lens, x 1.7.

Primary Witness Yalman Explaining the Camera Details

Haktan Akdagan Video Analysis Explanation Part 1
Haktan Akdagan Video Analysis Explanation Part 2
Report by Prof. phD Zeki EKER (National Council on Science and Technology)
Mario Valdes Image Analysis
The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey Website;jses...EF343F23BB
(Audio) Dr. Roger Leir Describes Witnessing The Turkey UFO
33 Minute (Night to Dawn) Overlay Comparison
2007 to 2010 Photograph Single Frame Slideshow

This case made big news in Turkey and in other countries as well. It also started a great debate between the official members of the Turkish scientific community. Other analysis were done by video specialists and special effect companies from Japan, Russia and Turkey, all ending up with the same conclusions that it remains unexplained. In Chile, professor José Atenas, an expert in graphics and video with more than 30 years of experience on television, was asked to technically examine the videos. In his appreciation, José Atenas also came to the same conclusions that the images are authentic. So far nobody has been able to demonstrate that the recordings are product of tricks or some type of manipulation. Therefore, the debate has concentrated more over the nature and origin of the objects filmed by Yalcin Yalman.

Beginning in 2007 the first video was taken off the coast of Istanbul. This footage is probably the least impressive of the series however the following year brought better results. Many people including myself were very skeptical at first. After all I am not a believer nor am I a debunker. Instead I try to follow the evidence. Most agree the problem with the 2007 video is that the lack of background and horizon making it difficult to determine the general distance and perspective in relation to the camera.

Over several days and nights dozens of witnesses and a flood of ufo reports were studied and analyzed by Haktan Akdagan who is the chairman of Sirius UFO Research. Yalcin, who was still armed with his 200x optical lens camera kept a watch at a facility known as the "Yeni Kent Compound" located near the Sea of Marmara. The 2008 video includes video from the day and at night which shows that the ufos were a far distance from the camera and not an illusion as many skeptics previously thought. Nobody has done an accurate measurement of the distance, however my estimation is that the ufo is several hundred feet away from the camera.

2008 Original Footage Video

During 2009 between May and June, several glowing objects and a metallic ufos were seen again by over a dozen witnesses hovering over the Sea of Marmara. Several credible people, such as Roger Leir, were attending a ufo conference in Turkey at the time and happened to attend Yalcin to one of his video taping sessions. According to those witnesses who have come forward with their story they saw a ufo in the air that Yalcin was filming. They did not see any evidence of a staged prop, model, or a hoax. A 33 minute segment of the video starting at (night) 4:59 a.m., until after (sunrise) at 5:32 a.m., it becomes clear that we are looking at an object several hundred yards away in the horizon over the sea. This is important because some people, including myself, thought at first it could be a model or prop very close to the camera, but the object is a real authentic metallic ufo several feet away over the sea.

2009 Original Footage Video

Roger Leir on a Radio Program:
"it was two years in a row. I was there both times looking through the viewfinder of the camera. Now the camera was mounted on sticks and it had a 200 mil lens and an electronic doubler so we were able to push very very close on the craft. Now just as a background the craft was lit by a moon that was very very bright in the sky and so that illuminated the exterior portion of the craft" "it was sent in an proven that it was not a hoax and what was being seen was reality"

(Audio) Dr. Roger Leir Describes Turkey UFO
Dr. Roger Leir Ventura, CA Lecture on Turkey UFO

Possible Occupants and Possible EBEs Photographed
One of the amazing details of this case which makes it important for anyone interested in the serious study of ufos is the obvious appearance of pilots or what look like occupants in the footage. Normally I am highly skeptical and cautious at any claims of capturing "greys" on video. If this video can be authenticated and the witnesses can be vetted, which quite frankly has been done already. We have a state sponsored scientific panel and several famous special effects experts spending many hours analyzing the footage and handing it back with 2 thumbs up as to the authenticity of the video.
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