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Seen a UFO? Get in touch
I am making an appeal for people to get in touch with your UFO sighting stories and evidence. I am hoping to put together a broadcast regarding the subject as part of my website. However, I would not wish to be considered as spam. It has been brought to my attent that including links within posts is not permitted. So my apologies for that. You will see a link to my site and also to our youtube channel, in particular a video appeal for stories. Go to the site and email us or contact me via the forum.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Check out our youtube channel for a video appeal for UFO stories:

Our main website address is:
The following sightings are important for many reasons. There are dozens of witnesses over three seperate years that observed various metallic discs hovering over the sea in front of a populated area, which included many minutes of close range video. A serious attempt to debunk the video was attempted by several well known special effects experts. So far nobody has been able to demonstrate that the video recordings are product of tricks or some type of manipulation.