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Treading Into The Unkown
Technology that can be utilized to improve can also be utilized to abuse and destroy. Not only an enemy, but nature itself. Any new experimentation, through trial and error, can and will lead to unknown long term negative results and consequences.

For example, manipulating and controlling the ideal climate may seem like quite an acheivement today. But what will the unknown long-term affects be? A year, decade, or a century from now?

Between experimenting with weather control and atom-smashing, we are already seeing negative results in the form of tornadoes, earthquakes,
tsunamis, and floods worlwide as never seen before in recorded history.

Nuclear technology, when utilized as energy poses somewhat of a danger. Accidental melt-downs, resulting in radiation leaks, sickness and death. In the form of weaponry, it purposely produces the same results increased a mega-fold.

With the ability to clone, harvest and grow new body parts, create a living cell out of nothing in the lab which has the ability to reproduce, man is on the horizon of assuming the role of a God.

But due to the reality that the universe and Mother Nature has existed much longer than man, man will never assume that role.
He will ignorantly destroy himself before that ever happens. All we are doing is blindly and blantantly throwing off the natural, delicate, and intricate balance of nature.
The purpose of The Alien P.E.A.C.E. Alliance, is to serve as a reference point regarding important information which can be utilized in preparation for the very hard times which lie ahead... Not only here in the U.S., but worldwide. It is very important not only to realize that we are heading straight into a recession and/or worldwide depression as never experienced before, but to take it seriously. Ignoring the the situation will not make it go away. There have been plenty of recent signs that our world society is in dire straights. And don't kid yourself by thinking that it will get better any time soon or that there is a magical solution. As I write this post, The U.S. Congress is debating whether or not to raise our country's debt limit. If an agreement is not resolved by August 2, chances are many government dependent recipients will not receive their benefits. This is the reality of the seriousness of our worldwide dilemma. Make no mistake: World structural society will collapse. And that's when reality will slap us in the face. The best defense? Preparation. There are ways to survive and "ride out the storm.” For survival tips, information on conspiracy theories, and how world governments are responsible and have triggered these unfortunate events.