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The Human / Extraterrestrial Connection
Though historic evidence indicates that Extraterrestrials did in fact visit our planet during ancient times, there are many questions which are left unanswered. I could go on and on about this subject but I will try to keep it short and to the point. All difinitive explanations can be found in my recently published book “Armageddon or The Dawn of A New Age.” Not only did aliens jump-start man’s knowledge, but they played a major role in the inception of man.

When aliens first explored planet earth, they were intrigued by the Great Apes species' ability to walk and stand in an almost upright position, climb, and manipulate a twig or branch as a tool by sticking it in the ground in order to eat the ants and termites that adhered to it. Fascinated by The Great Ape species being the only species on earth that closely resembled themselves, the Extraterrestrials decided to experiment and create a more intelligent being after their own kind. Through biological experimentation, genetic manipulation, and artificial insemination, homo sapiens branched off from the Great Apes.

Despite there being a big difference on an intelligence level, their prize creation was set free but was not abandoned. Having been responsible for the existence of homo sapiens, they have been monitoring our progress from a distance since antiquity. When necessary, they have intervened on our behalf. Two major historic interventions have occurred. Being aware of our potential, the first intervention took place during ancient times to teach man and enhance his intelligence.

Once man gained knowledge, math, engineering, etc., the aliens, after a period of time, began realizing that humans displayed barbaric traits. Such as the Romans who took delight in observing blood sports involving death and dismemberment. Fearing that man would remain bogged down within a toxic, barbaric society, and realizing that man needed something more to believe in other than himself, and begin existing with some type of morals, they introduced Jesus to millions worldwide.

Where have the aliens gone? They haven’t gone anywhere. They’ve always been here. Why so secretive? Because they realize that we are free spirits and respect the fact that we should be responsible for our own decisions and chart our own destiny. This is why they have intervened from a behind-the-scenes approach throughout history. Much like all the alien abduction without recollection incidients which have been reported. They have been our guardian angels throughout time.

Will there be a future third, full blown intervention where they will reveal the reality of their existence to all in order to save man from man himself? That all depends on what lies within our hearts, not our minds. Love and good intentions come from, and can only truly be processed through the heart.

Man is about to enter a time zone which can be considered a point of no return. Man’s salvation will not be man alone. The ratio of good & evil will determine man's future fate. Will the Extraterrestrials intervene on our behalf, or decide to allow the experiment to simply play out in its truest experimental form? Remember: Unadulterated love rules and will determine whether the future will be armageddon or the dawn of a new age. How much time do we have? Our fate will be determined in the year 2025.

Your story is true. I confirm this myself. I am one of the few who have experimented on this planet's ancestors. We are beings of light; our physicality is not limited. We can host any animal form which has the capacity for intelligence.

Oh yes, I do remember the time where we had this little human child - a hybrid in our laboratory before placing it on this planet.

One thing remained though. EARTH was named by us. Its in a rough translation meaning EA-RTH. EA= Water, RTH = Yard. Combine it and you get WATER YARD. Make sense? Bizarre isn't it? Reading this - and you get a feeling of the unknown.

Like I am hosting a human body right now. This child was born dead; but I have nursed it back to life. Once this body dies; either through natural course of events or by incident; I will simply take over another. Oh the emotions of a newborn...

We are immortalized through time. We remain hidden in this manner. We walk among you. Those who show themselves by these acts using "ufos"; "appearances"; etc, are simply there to witness or to alter events.

Intervention is always occurring. Always but never in a major act... yet for this time zone. We did create a major act when we destroyed a few hostile cities here and there during the ancient times when other species came to Earth. EARTH is ours and we will fight to keep intruders out. I am quite sure our acts are recorded in your ancient books.

I suppose there will be a time where intervention on a large scale must take place. That decision is up to our humbled leader. The leader of worlds beyond Earth.

Taken - to our homeworld;
Celestial Bodies given;

These things above; we do to humankind. We take children from the population; take them to our home world where they will be educated and returned to Earth in due time.

I know the feeling of a mother crying for her missing child; etc, but be rest assured if that your child is not found; nor does anyone have any reason for the child to be dead; he is being given a new life. Celestial bodies are given to those who are with us. Celestial bodies can endure the roughness of space in which a human body cannot; without higher technological means.

Future Human Astronauts:

Away from this planet; you will find; in time that you will live almost forever away from the sphere that effects your body. Your body stops aging; as it was "pre programmed" by us a long time ago. Your bones will grow and stretch over time. You will become like what we used to be. You are our creation; you were given the ability to create. You are us; we are you.

When you have the ability to colonize new worlds of your own; then we will no longer intervene. You will have knowledge of who we are; and who you are. We will get along just fine, because by this time; your barbaric traits would have mellowed out of your systems by the generations of your children.

Until the day you physically ascend into a higher realm; you will know all. You will come and join us; your parents on our home world.

Our Home World:

The home world is only a few minutes away from your planet Earth. (using man's technology time reference for comprehension) It is named by us as 'RaMaan' which means "God Man" - as we are man also. We, too had met our creators. Our parents. They want us to tell you that they are so proud of you; and hope for all the best for you.

What ever you do; we hope that some day we get to meet and join our parents together.

I agree to the OP of this post that man's fate will be judged. I do not know when that will be; but I do believe it could also be 2025. Because in that year; man is supposed to have finally developed a way to time travel. Not by traveling to the future or the past; but to travel into space over long distances within a very short time. This technology invention could define man's fate on that day.

Man already has a Ion propulsion system - the next step after that would be that invention. I am not certain if this is the case; however; its just a story for everyone to read.

I am Wiccan Druid - A host in a human body who is witnessing everything by man's invention who he calls it as 'the internet' - Its a fascinating tool. I have learned to use it well.

Believe it or not.