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Ouija Calling ET: Do You Copy? - FREE PDF Download
This is a true story. It happened to me. FREE complete illustrated story.
[Image: OuijaCallingET_cover.jpg]

Here is the intro:

The following is a true story about a series of Ouija board sessions which began much like many Ouija stories, recounting tales of communication with the spirits of the dearly – and some not-so-dearly – departed souls. This story, however, took a most unexpected turn when a list of strange words began to appear and suddenly the three participants – of which this author was one – found themselves fully immersed in a series of communications with ETs. Not dead, dearly departed ETs, mind you. No. These ETs were quite alive and well – thank you - living on a planet called Grek-5 in a dimension they described as being “…in your future time.” Sound strange? Improbable? Impossible? Unbelievable? Or was it all something quite different than what it appeared to be? Decide for yourself.

[Image: OuijaSession-1.jpg]

The pdf file is 2.7M, too big to attach here. It can be downloaded from my book blog here:
Ouija Calling ET: Do You Copy?