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Secret of the Sands - a novel By Rai Aren & Tavius E.

Fans of what might be called the "Indiana Jones" genre of fiction will be thrilled with Secret Of The Sands. Like a race horse on steroids it blasts out of the gate in the opening prologue and doesn't stop running until it reaches the finish line.

This remarkably well-conceived and well-executed first-time novel by Rai Aren and her co-author, Tavius E. is loaded with adventure, prophecy, mystery, secrets, deception, epic-scale battles, romance, good guys, bad guys, liers, cheaters, scoundrels, and, of course, heroes.

The action alternates back-and-forth between ancient Egypt and modern-day Egypt. The transitions between time lines are virtually seamless and, rather than interrupting the flow of the story, this plot device actually enhances the flow of the story. The two modern-day archaeologists, Alexandria (Alex, for short) and Mitch, are working on a dig near the Great Sphinx when Alexandria stumbles (literally) onto a mystery that will change their lives, and possibly the future of the world, forever.

The reader follows along with Alex and Mitch as they try to unravel the clues to this mystery, the origin of which goes back 10,000 years into the pre-history of Egypt. Here we find a complete society unknown to the pages of recorded history. At the core of this society is a Royal Family and a King with a dream and a secret that could unleash a power of unimaginable consequences.

At intervals throughout the book the authors skillfully break from the modern-day action to transport the reader back into the ancient past. This is where the reader is totally immersed into the multifaceted and intriguing back story of that mysterious royal family and the events which, in turn, ultimately created the mystery that Alex and Mitch are desperately trying to unravel in the present.

Secret Of The Sands is a thrill-ride, complete with humorous interludes. The story ends with a set-up for a sequel and this reviewer is chomping at the bit, waiting for that sequel to be released. Exclamation