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My name is Destin Day
My name is Destin Day
I founded a paranormal investigation team called Supernatural Truth Paranormal Investigations I am also the Director of Arkansas at UPI (United Paranormal International).
I seek to help others with my knowledge and investigation abilities to help provide an unbiased and detailed approach to paranormal research and investigation. I am not quick to judge on paranormal claims, evidence, or experiences and take things with an open ear and mind.
My gole is to help others in this field. I feel that if we all band together we can all learn more and advance in all areas.I look forward to getting to know everyone here at TalkUFOs as well as sharing and learning from others experiences.

I would like to open the door to anyone to come and see me at UPI.
We talk about the paranormal and the Supernatural as well as UFO's.

Welcome, hope you enjoy it here, hope you share your knowledge.