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Hello From Neo Mi Pyramyd
hello from the Alpha REPRESENTATIVES in the worl, I thank the administrator for inviting me, I also like many I have met the aliens and I have seen the UFO, indeed, perceive them regularly and sometimes they call me to go and watch them, but I'm glad to hear and avoid route to the lands closer to home, for fear that I take away, and since I'm not going to disappear mysteriously, I avoid ...Smile)) my first video of my contact is here , was shot about two years after the initial contact, have previously been trained to understand how to communicate with them, let's call it abduction, it was tough and I immediately Schok of incredible, but they loved me and confirmed every time I asked for help. Now I delight in helping people who have stress with some of them, now I deal with UFOs Exopolitics, practical light work and are always in line for those in need, a greeting to everyone and if I need help contact me here on youtube!Angel
Thanks for joining Neo, welcome to the forums!