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Butlerian Jihad
The Butlerian Jihad is a fictional event in the History of Dune. The event itself tells the story of a Holy war that started against the thinking machines when an Independant machine murdered Sryna Butler's baby and it was broadcasted to the entire galaxy. that event and the war that followed were the defining event that created the next saying:
"Thou Shall not create a machine in the image of man".

Another event that defines that thinking machines are bad is the event of the Quarian banishment from their home by the geth in the lore of Mass Effect.
The quarians created the Geth as a means for easy slavery and the geth developed thmeselves more than anyone could anticipated and started to ask questions like am I alive? what is my purpose?
That's when the Quarians decided to eliminiate them but the Geth rebelled and forced the quarians from their homeworld.

Do you think we need to worry to never achieve a level of technology that involves AI's that think for themselves and can decide that humanity should be wiped out?

A.I's have always been very complex and the subject for controversy.
My opinion is to let them develop an AI but define in it's most basic unalterable programming that a human being is never to be killed or harmed in any way and you should always strive to help them.

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