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Rules and Guidelines
These are the General Guidelines for posting on TalkUFOs. Please read them, and abide by them. We've developed these rules to help us stay a focused and friendly community for paranormal enthusiasts.

1a. Please choose the correct forum for your comments, carefully. If you're in doubt, please contact me.

1b. If you are responding to a topic in a particular forum, please keep your post "on-topic". If the discussion moves towards other subjects, please move the discussion (or it will be moderated) to the appropriate forum. This is just to keep the forum informative, organized and manageable. Off-topic discussion is welcome in the appropriate place.

1c. While all comments are welcome, those that are most useful and beneficial are those that present new points of views, new information or those that ask valid questions. Please keep this in mind when posting a new topic or responding to an existing topic.

2. Please use the "Search" function before posting to avoid repeat topics.

3. Profanity, pornography or any other not "PG Rated" content is not permitted. This includes racial and religious slurs, as well as character attacks. Please refrain from posting it, or attempting to circumvent the swear filter. This applies to your signature blocks, taglines and avatars also, of course.

3a. No name-calling. Posts with name-calling will be deleted.

4a. Please limit the number of images in your signature to one or two to reduce the load time and visual integrity of the board. Limit text to no more than five lines, in the standard font size. Our friends on dial-up want to see the page load this week!

4b. Please keep the usage of smilies reasonable. Long lists of smilies are not appropriate. This is to help keep the forums readable.

5. Please do not post your message in ALL CAPS. Avoid excessive use of very large fonts and hard to read colors.

6. Please use generally accepted "Netiquette." For more information on "Netiquette" please see:

7. Have fun! That's what this forum is meant for. Oh, and Go See some UFOs!

8. Do not spam.

If anyone has any additional rules they would like added or changes to these feel free to let me know!