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Please, oh please...
Please, please, please, please, please, please, pwetty please, can we have the paper clip function/system for uploading pictures?

Anything for you Laurie, however I am confused by the request, do you have an example of this feature, what is wrong with the current method of uploading attachments?
Well, I’ll try to explain, lol, but I’m not at all good with technical jargon…

in most forums there is an icon in the pictures/attachments uploading facility which looks exactly like an office paper clip. When one uses this icon the picture is automatically uploaded to the post as a full sized picture, instead of a thumbnail. One simply doesn’t have to do anything else, other than click and upload the picture from one’s files. When a picture uploads to a thumbnail, one has to ‘run’ or ‘open’ a file to look at it in full, when reading a post. I am always worried about opening files...

Using photobucket is ok, but it’s very long-winded, confusing to us idiots who are not too computer savvy, and I’ve never been able to accomplish setting an attachment to a post without it exposing my photobucket user name. In fact, although I have photobucket, it’s so complicated and confusing to me that I never use it now.

With the icon in use for attachments here, the one with the two little mountains? Well, when I’ve used them before at other sites, I’ve never had to put in a URL (also, very few of my file pictures have a URL), and they’ve always uploaded to a full-sized picture in a post from that icon previously, so I’m reeeeeeally confused by that difference. lol.

I know that there are folk here that are far better at articulating computer jargon than I am, and perhaps someone else might explain it better, hopefully, I don’t know….?

basically, the problem is that the forum software is limited in uploading attachments to your post..
that message to open a file would have shown with any kind of file not just an image..
(I'm a Computer Science student Tongue)
I think that you might want to try to add attachments through the "New Reply" page where you have the attachment field where you can click on browse and add your pic or any other file for that matter.
@Ari - you might want to check that we're able to upload JPG files via attachments on your Admin CP.


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I just noticed this post and as a forum admin myself i thought i'd try and help out i'll include screen shots where possible.
when making a new thread or new reply attach your image as per normal using the attach system.
then if you scroll back down you will see.
[Image: Untitled-2.jpg]
The click insert in post as highlighted above and you should get.

Ok something went wrong with the screen shot.
Ari if you go into your settings and go to posting and set this
Show Attached Thumbnails in Posts
How do you want images to be shown in posts?
Full Size Image
As Download Link
to full size image and that will achive what is requested in the post.
Thank you, I have changed the setting to full size image per your request. Much appreciated.
(03-03-2011, 03:45 AM)Ari Wrote: Thank you, I have changed the setting to full size image per your request. Much appreciated.

No worries,just trying to help out a fellow admin.