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Can someone please direct me to the Rules/Guidelines section(s)? Because, I am have some trouble finding it. I have looked in the Announcements section, this section, and for a page called "FAQ" or "Rules".

Thanks, all help is appreciated Smile

This is something like a FAQ, I think.
Thanks, but that wasn't what i was looking for. I am looking more of what you allow us to do, not how to do things. Like what are we allowed to put in signatures, what are your rules for the forum?
Haven't made a set yet, but thank you for reminding me, much appreciated.
I was just thinking, on reading thro this thread... Of course, a site must have rules for it to run smoothly and effectively, that's a given. But, has anyone else noticed that everyone seems to be so well behaved here, and that there haven't been any problems? I think that's a good sign...

Of course, there are bound to be squabbles now and again, that's what happens in families, and I do feel that this has become a family, a community; however, we're all adults and intelligent, and we may have different opinions, but we can learn to live with, and accept that we're all different, yet basically good people. Smile