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Videos, movies.... and books?
I would like to have included a books in that forum, actually.
I know of great books, which would perhaps be an interesting topic for discussion.
Yes, that would be cool... I'm a voracious reader, of anything and everything, and have been known to read the Cereal Packet when nothing else is available, in desperation. lol

I'd like a 'Current Affairs/Global News' catagory too, but this all takes time I would imagine. I'm happy to wait for things to grow and evolve.

Meanwhile tho, this thread could be the 'temporary' book section, no? lol. So, what are you reading at the moment?
Nothing I read at the moment would fit this forum, I am afraid (fantasy and sociolinguistic stuff), but my favourite author, Orson Scott Card, wrote an amazing series, which includes alien races ^^
The reason I suggested this is that it doesn't need the creation of a new forum, which is always a plus in the beginning of a forum, I think.
Books added Smile
Cool thing Big Grin