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The site looks pretty good but I would recommend that you replace your smilies with a dark set to get rid of the white fringe around them.
You leave our smilies alone!!! I like 'em!!! lol Tongue

The only criticism I would make is that when one tries to choose one of them to accompany a post, and hovers over them with the cutrser, it doesn't show what they are supposed to be. I had difficulty finding the wink, and apart from the smiley face and tongue poking smilie, I haven't a clue still, what the others are... ://
Just one more point that I would make Ari, is that it is very difficult to see the date of a post, any post, never mind one that one wishes to reply to. It's almost impossible to read it, and I have extremely good eyesight generally. Smile

Anyone else having trouble seeing the date, it looks fine to me but I have a pretty bright screen...

As for removing the white grain, excellent suggestion, id like to find some alien smileys Tongue
Not really trouble seeing it, but it is a little bit difficult indeed ^^
(01-29-2011, 02:07 PM)Ari Wrote: id like to find some alien smileys Tongue

Some Alien Smileys... Smile

Good find Laurie! Ill update them soon.
I would agree with the dates need altering a easy fix
just change the font colour in .tcat
And yes, change the smilies asap and another suggestion change the stars to something like little flying saucers.