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My favorite Martial Arts Fight Scenes
These are some of my favorite martial arts fight scenes. If you have any don't be shy, share them with me by posting on this thread, I want to see them too.

IP Man:

Fist of Legend:

Drunken Master2:

True Legends (Two brother-in-laws duke it out, the one in purple has poisoned hands):

Flash Point:
I love IP Man... It rocked but the other parts of the series was ok. Reminds me when I use to watch a lot of old martial arts movies on Saturday afternoons. Thanks for entertainment after a long day Alienforce.
Napman (Rob)
...Ask questions get answers...
Sick movies, I love jet li, transporter is a good white movie Smile
I'm happy I could entertain, Napman Smile Thanks Ari, Transporter is awesome! I'm a big fan as well.

Here's another really cool martial arts fight.

Very cool Alienforce... Ever see Kung Fu Hustle... Funny and corny...
Napman (Rob)
...Ask questions get answers...
Underground Warrior, Ong Bak (the trilogy), Revenge of the Warrior, Merantau, Ninja Assassin, Taken, Legendary Assassin...

To name a few Big Grin

Insanely good! Amazing, really.
At the moment I am watching "14 Blades", which isn't bad as well Smile
(01-29-2011, 05:13 AM)Tazeden Wrote: At the moment I am watching "14 Blades", which isn't bad as well Smile

Sounds good, Taz. Will have to check it out the next time I'm in the mood for a good martial arts flick.
Make beautiful graphics at Graffix Hangout.
After it I watched another Donnie Yen movie: Ip Man.
It is more realistic, but pretty hard as well. It isn't just about the fighting or at least it shows how fighting affects the real life. Good fighting scenes.