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My favorite Martial Arts Fight Scenes
Thanks for the recommendations. I wonder if I any of these films are available for instant viewing on Netflix? If not though, I'll just get 'em sent in snail mail.
Make beautiful graphics at Graffix Hangout.
That is a question I can't answer you unfortunately Sad
But those movies are worth getting and watching them if you are into martial arts flicks (which I am) ^^
I will definitely rent 'em! Thanks again! And feel free to recommend any others you think are good.
Make beautiful graphics at Graffix Hangout.
I don't like reading subtitles Sad
Oh, Ip Man has some subtitles whenever the Japanese talk...
The other movies I recommended work without subtitles Smile

I watch many movies with subtitles ^^
Kung Fu Hustle was awesome!

I watched the "Old Boy" fight scene that was awesome, thanks for sharing!

14 Blades is a really terrific movie as well. Once you watch about ten subtitled movies, you become a pro, trust me Wink

By the third set of stairs I'd be exhausted lol

The first two guys are alright, but the third guy he fights, I'd run away lol
This is a really great movie, unique martial arts with guns.
Equilibrium is awesome alienforce!
One of the best, Ari!

Kill Bill, classic!
Don't forge to also check out parts 1 and 2

Ong Bak 3