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C'mon Guys, Lets Get Moving On This... :)
Hey guys… I’m pretty sure that y’all joined this site for very much the same reasons that I joined. You have an interest in the Alien/UFO phenomenon, and/or the Paranormal, which covers a wide margin of areas. It’s a nice site, presented well, and although of small patronage at the moment, hopefully it will grow and evolve.

This small community is friendly and welcoming, and it needs more input from lots more members; more data, opinions, idea's, concepts, etc...

But, couldn’t we all do just that little bit more to help it along? Couldn’t we go that extra mile, and try to spread the word about it, the site, further? I know it’s difficult to recruit from other sites, because integrity and ethics make ‘poaching’ sans integrite, on the net. But, do you know five people who are interested, or might be, in the paranormal, ufo's, alien life-forms?

Do you have just five email contacts that you could send the link for this site to? If only one of them eventually joined up, that would turn our membership here from 65 to 130, and if those 130 only found the time to make 2 posts per week, that would mean 260 posts, per week, on the site. And, that's only if one contactee became a member.

But, let’s think big here! What if two of those friends, or contacts joined the site? C’mon guys… lets make this site grow, and become rich in topics, opinions, beliefs and content. After all, it’s for YOUR benefit too! Smile

Lets get the word out there…
I'll post it on my Facebook Tongue

(01-17-2011, 04:52 AM)ghostinme Wrote: I'll post it on my Facebook Tongue

Cool! Smile

And, why haven't you posted one of your cute Duck pics in my smile for the day thread, yet? lol

I like the team spirit!
YES LETS Big Grin Big Grin il try get a few people to join

Live, Love and Learn.
Great Lion. Let's rock and roll here! Smile
I vote for Laurie to become master recruiter! Smile

I will feature this site on my gaming forum.

Alive2Play - A website for gamers!
Thanks Xeo! Laurie is definitely awesome! I think this site wouldn't be nearly what it is without her and a couple others.
Well, it’s nice of you to say so Ari, how kind. Thank you. But, you know… I was looking for a site where I could enjoy discussing UFO’s, Alien Life-forms and other paranormal experiences, and share my own experiences with others, when I came upon this site doing a google search. I liked the presentation, and it somehow ‘felt right.’ It felt homely and inviting. None of the other sites that I found gave off quite the same warmth and appeal, I felt.

Once here, I’m afraid altruism took over, lol. I wanted it to grow and evolve, and so I made an extra special effort. And of course, Napman gave a lot of help and support, along with a couple of other good guys, not to mention yourself, so it’s all coming together nicely I think. It’s gonna be great, and I’m so pleased.
I am very thankful to twitter for finding napman.