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2012 The Movie

I just finished watching this film, it makes me wonder if the writer believes this will happen or is it just a movie?

What are your thoughts?
Well if you notice all the movies about the end of the world have the same ways in the movies of showing people how the world will end. So maybe those writers really think the world will end that way
I definitely agree, and check the people behind the movies independence day, day after tomorrow and that 2012, they are the same people too. So concept will be the same also,
to be honest the visual effects are really awesome! Seem so real, that time i was thinking if the world will really end that way! lol!
I was surprised a movie of this budget made it onto Netflix instant...

The writers most likely did not believe in it.
Salvete, amici. Pax et bonum. Magister fori sum!
The effects were amazing. i still find myself going over it just to see those apocalyptic sequences at the end.

I still don't know how much I liked the idea of those underwater space subs with humanity on it...though calling them Arks was a nice touch, and seeing that huge HUGE wave come TOWERING over the Himalayas kinda made the price of admission for me worth it.


The writers in this film are using the same formula as always. This time "2012" is the cover. Enjoyable visually, nauseous for anyone who has watch 30 minutes of Mayan biography anywhere. Another way to distort history and/or information on a mass scale. For most receive their education by way of a BIG Screen. Just my thought.
Downloaded it but it did not have subtitles. How much of the plot will I be missing if I can't read subtitles?

I'm going to have to find the actual DVD because a friend told me that on December 22, 2012, the stars of the galaxy will line up and the tides will stop causing massive tital waves.