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IRC Channel - V - 12-25-2010

We should start one.

RE: IRC Channel - Ari - 12-25-2010

I agree V IRC channel would be awesome, however as of now are community is still so small, but once it grows I really hope we have an active IRC.

RE: IRC Channel - V - 12-26-2010

Hey, how are you planning to advertise the website anyways?

RE: IRC Channel - Ari - 12-26-2010

As of now, I have it linked in my signature on a few forums, made a twitter account, but I need some more ideas, iv posted it in alien/ufo directories... Where do you guys think I should advertise, paid or free.

RE: IRC Channel - V - 12-27-2010

Search engine optimization
Ask friends
Get to know a community and talk about your site
Post links discreetly within forums (like dont say it's your site, link to a forum post or something)

Google Adsense (try it if you want)
Spam blogs
Directories (unless for SEO purposes)

Just my 2 cents.

RE: IRC Channel - Ari - 12-27-2010

Agree with you on most accounts, however I am a big fan of adsense because you really do get what you pay for, however it doesnt work very well with forums from what I have heard.

Spamming is not me, I hate spammers and would never directly "spam" myself. Directories although probably don't do much, they cant hurt in anyway so I join a few every now and then.

Thanks for ideas.

RE: IRC Channel - ghostinme - 01-06-2011

I am almost constantly on several IRC networks (and have been since around 1994), so I would definitely welcome an IRC channel for talkufos.

We can even get a shell bot for statistics/ data access etc.

RE: IRC Channel - swood - 01-12-2011

The way i advertise my forum is by searching for cheap advertisement threads on DigitalPoint forum. I've only started doing this a couple days ago and have had loads of cheap offers thrown at me.

RE: IRC Channel - ghostinme - 01-13-2011

I don't think the IRC idea is for advertisement purposes. It is for existing users to chat.

RE: IRC Channel - Ari - 01-13-2011

Indeed and like I said I am all for an IRC however I know if we created one right now it would not be active and have little use, one our community grows in the hundreds an IRC will come!