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Ghost Caught on Security cam in Britain - wallarookiller - 02-22-2014

[Image: ghost-Scythe-_2826086c.jpg]

Quote: Staff at one of Britain's oldest pubs, rumoured to be haunted by an aristocrat executed during the Civil War, believe they have caught a ghost on CCTV.

The footage, which appears to show a shadowy figure flickering into view by the bar, was filmed at Ye Olde Man and Scythe in Bolton on Valentine's Day.

Tony Dooley, the pub's manager, spotted the spectre when he checked the cameras on Friday morning and found they had stopped recording at 6.18am.

"I came down and saw a glass smashed on the floor so I was instantly suspicious and went to check the CCTV and found it has stopped working," he said.

"We checked the footage and it revealed this figure. To be honest I was a bit concerned - I'm a bit of a sceptic when it comes to ghosts but you become more of a believer when you see things like that."

Video and news story

RE: Ghost Caught on Security cam in Britain - Laurie - 03-01-2014

A very interesting post wallarookiller. I do believe in spirits (some call them ghosts), but I'm somewhat skeptical about many sightings. With this video, there are definitely 'two entities' here. The other, to the far right of the video, holds back a curtain, or something hanging there, and one can clearly see his/her arm holding onto the door jam, whilst the other hand holds back the drape.

As for the main entity, he/she looks to be wearing some sort of head garb. I can't quite make out what it is tho... If it's a balaclava, it's beige, and I've personally, never seen a beige one before.

Studying the video further tho, and pausing it at certain points, I believe I've changed my mind. There is no 'headgear' as such, but what appears to be a fair haired individual, with a ruff around their neck, which stands up... It's a tall entity, and the entity to the right, judging by the height of the arm, is shorter.

I don't know what to make of the video, or the claims by the Innkeeper... Very strange. Notice, that during the video, there appear to be several 'flashes' of light around the room. And there is a light that appears to be permanently on, over the 'bar?' It's on before anything appears...

But, I stand by my claim that whatever is happening here, it is happening with two entities.

Fascinating post. Smile

RE: Ghost Caught on Security cam in Britain - wallarookiller - 03-01-2014

Thanks for the detailed response. The flashing is the part that makes me think that the video may be fake. I've heard of lights flickering or even being turned on and off from spirits, but this seems like it might be a bit too much in my opinion. I didn't really notice the other entity though thanks!