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Subcription - adbrad - 03-02-2011

ok I've found a error if i try to subscribe to a thread i get the following

Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again.

when i click on the link to subscribe

RE: Subcription - Ari - 03-03-2011

Thank you for reporting this issue! I will look into it.

RE: Subcription - adbrad - 03-20-2011

It looks like the issue is not fixed yet
I just found this over at maybe this is the problem, try it out and see if it fixes it.

RE: Subcription - Ari - 03-20-2011

Very much appreciate the find, although I did have the old code listed in the thread it didn't fix the problem. Good find, ill keep searching for a fix.

RE: Subcription - adbrad - 03-21-2011

sorry that was for subscribing to forums not sure with that was an issue any way here is the fix for threads

RE: Subcription - Ari - 03-22-2011

Thank you adbrad, the power of a community.. even a small one! Your a hero seriously, thanks dude.

RE: Subcription - adbrad - 03-26-2011

no woories just one admin trying to help another one.